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Humidity: 91%

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About the Snellville Farmers’ Market

The Snellville Farmers' Market CommitteeThe Snellville Farmers’ Market is administered by a group of very dedicated local residents who volunteer their time and talents to bring the market to the city. The volunteers operate the market without any funding from the city. The city does, however, allow the market to operate on the Towne Green, a prime location in front of City Hall where the market has outstanding exposure to traffic on US 78.

The mission of the Snellville Farmers’ Market is:

To “Nourish Our Community” by providing fresh, local and seasonal produce and encouraging community pride.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide the community with a market that promotes the concept of seasonal eating by offering local produce.
  • Foster a relationship with local farmers and growers and other area farmers’ markets.
  • Provide a family-friendly market where children and adults have an opportunity to make selections of healthy foods as a family and learn about those foods directly from the farmer.
  • Bring a sense of community pride and spirit to Snellville.

Committee Members

Barbara Bender
Glenice Bentley
Ronnie Bentley
Susan Chappelear
Matt Czarick
Dave Emanuel
Kathy Emanuel
Regina Hart
Bobby Howard
Marcy Pharris
Tricia Rawlins
Gretchen Schulz
Kurt Schulz
Alice Snipes
Duggan Snipes
Marilyn Swinney
Ricki Tobin
Tom Witts