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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that the Snellville Farmers’ Market receives.

If you don’t see the answer to a question you have, please use the Contact Form to ask us your question.

Thank you!

How do you know the produce is locally grown?

We do our homework. We actually make farm visits to ensure that the produce you purchase has been locally grown and picked fresh by the farmer.

What should I ask the farmers when I visit their booths?

These types of questions might be interesting to ask:

  • Where is your farm located?
  • How long have you been a farmer?
  • How has the rain (or lack of rain) affected your crops?
  • Are bugs a problem this year?  What do you do to manage pests in your garden?
  • What is in season now?
  • When did you pick this lettuce (or other item)?
  • How should I store these tomatoes (or other item) when I get home to maintain flavor?
  • What is your favorite way to prepare this squash (or other item)?

Why can’t I find all the fruits and vegetables that are available in a grocery store?

At a true local farmers’ market you will only find fruits and vegetables that are currently in season and available locally.  So don’t expect to find tomatoes and cucumbers until late June or early July.   Or corn until the hot days of summer. Or citrus fruits that come from Florida.

At your local farmers’ market you won’t find green tomatoes that have been shipped across the country.  But remember, when tomatoes do come to the local farmers’ market, there will be nothing better than that red, ripe tomato, picked at the peak of ripeness and sliced on the kitchen counter for dinner.

Eating seasonally means eating what is ripe in our local area.  It is eating locally.

Why do the produce vendors sometimes run out?

Get to the market early for the best selection. We will continue to accept more produce vendors as long as we have booth space and it will always be our goal to have as many produce vendors as possible. Early in the season when local crops are just beginning to be harvested, the quantity of produce may be less than it will a few weeks later.

May I bring my dog to the market?

Yes...if your dog is well behaved around people and other dogs and if you bring bags to clean up after your dog. You must keep your dog well away from the food items for sale at all times. We reserve the right to ask a dog owner to refrain from bringing a pet if we notice any problems.

What happens if it rains?

The market is held rain or shine, but in the case of severe weather we will close the market. If thunder and lightning should begin during market hours, all customers and vendors will be asked to leave the market area and take shelter immediately. If the Snellville Farmers’ Market Committee determines that the market cannot be held due to severe weather, an e-mail will be sent to all vendors and a Facebook post will be made by 5:00 am.

What type of payment is accepted?

Cash is the preferred method of payment at the market. If you need cash, there is a bank with an ATM located next to the market. A few vendors accept credit cards.

Are restrooms available?

Restrooms are available in City Hall. Enter the door on the west side of the building where an attendant will direct you to the restrooms.

Is handicapped parking available?

There is a handicapped drop-off area and limited handicapped parking right at the market entrance along Oak Road. There is additional handicapped parking in the City Hall parking lot.

Why do you limit the number of craft vendors you accept?

The primary reason for our market is in the name: farmers’ market. The market is not intended to be a festival. We do accept a small number of local craft vendors to add a little variety to the market.

How much does it cost to rent a booth?

Please refer to the Snellville Farmers’ Market policies for a fee schedule.

Does a vendor have to register for every market during the season?

No. It is not necessary to register for every market.

What types of vendors do you approve?

Our first priority for the market is to approve as many vendors as possible who sell produce, meats and eggs from local farms. We do not accept produce re-sellers.

As space allows, we also accept vendors who sell homemade baked goods, jellies, jams, preserves and honey. Other food products and live plants may be accepted if the vendor has the required license(s).

We accept a limited number of local craft vendors.

What size canopy can be accommodated in a booth space?

We strongly encourage vendors to use a shade canopy to protect them from the sun. The booth spaces will easily accommodate a 10’ x 10’ canopy. Canopies must be weighted. NO STAKES ARE ALLOWED due to the underground irrigation system. We also encourage vendors to display their farm or business name in their booth space or on the canopy so customers can easily identify each vendor.

If I am selling foods that must be kept cold, such as meats or eggs, may I bring a refrigerated truck into the market area?

Yes. We have designated one end of the market for vendors who need to leave their refrigerated truck in the market area. There is a electric power pole in this area and vendors may have access to electricity for an additional charge. Vendors will need to provide their own extension cord.

May I bring a vehicle into the market area to unload?

Yes. We allow vehicles in the market area prior to the market opening at 8:30 AM. Once vendors have unloaded their vehicle we ask that they park in the Senior Center parking lot so we can accommodate as many customers as possible during market hours. Trucks may only be left in the booth spaces on the west side of the market.

Electricity is available at booths around the outside of the market. There is a small additional charge for electricity.

Are solicitors allowed in the market?

No. Solicitors will be promptly told to leave the market. Only approved vendors may sell at the market.

I am interested in performing at a market. How do I apply?

We allow local performers to participate in the market. As our funds are very limited, performers must be willing to participate for tips only. We strive to maintain a family-friendly environment, so performances must be appropriate for all ages. Contact us for additional information.